Digital Millennium Copyright Act

When it comes to earning money online, but illegally, pirates are often at the forefront. Today piracy is widespread than ever. Taking advantage of technological progress they check for every possible income source. Just like digital contents. Modern day pirates make digital copies of the work of right holders without obtaining the necessary permission.

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notice informs a search engine and web host that their service is misused by a third party to publish infringing materials. Film, Tv Series,Computer software,Video games, Music are the common objects of unlawful use. Not only copying and publishing but also assisting in spread of illegal use may result in accuse of piracy. Having a disclaimer that says “this site does not support copyright infringement” is not a solution for those having infringing material.
In order not to face legal results, a webmaster should protect himself/herself by following the notices.

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